We are serving a modern home-cooked buffet lunch every weekday. Because we like to offer lunch visitors healthy and changing lunch food from different corners of the world, we have teamed up with Dylan lunch restaurants! During the day there's a wide salad buffet, homemade warm dishes, soup and fresh bread - the classic Dylan lunch. During the evenings we focus solely on authentic Italian :)

MON-FRI 10.30-14.00

Lunch buffet 11,30€*
Lunch buffet without app 13,30€

(*With Soupster App & for local workers)

MONDAY 26.9.

Traditional spinach soup and boiled eggs (L,G)


Rustic meatballs with tasty onion sauce (L,G)


Sweet potato puree (L,G)

Carrot balls with fried veggies and vegan rosemary & yogurt(V,G)

Rainbow trout pasta with creamy lemon-dill sauce (L)


Vegetable Borch soup (V,G) with smetana (L,G)

Chicken Kiev and paprika aioli ()

Chili flavoured oven baked potatoes (V,G)


Angelinas tasty beetroot patties and tarragon vegan
mayo (V,G)

Fresh spinach pasta with goat cheese (VL)


Rich potato-leek soup and thyme oil (L,G)

Pork Schnitzel with Bearnaise sauce (L)


Creamy oven baked potatoes (L,G)


Grilled halloumi with lentils and spicy root vegetables & homemade herb oil (V,G)

Chorizo meatballs with spiced tomato rigatoni (M)

FRIDAY 30.9.

PIZZA BUFFET Wide selection of Pizzas (meaty, white based and

Gluten free pesto penne pasta with mozzarella (L,G)

Basil marinara pasta with chicken meatballs (M)

Italian vegetarian minestrone soup (V,G)


Spicy asian style soup with ginger and bok choy (V,G)


Tender chicken with sweet & sour sauce (M,G) 

Garlic fried rice (V,G)


Crispy tofu and veggies with sweet & sour sauce (V,G)


Asian style vegan meatstrips and noodles with spicy
sauce (V)