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We are serving a modern home-cooked buffet lunch every weekday. Because we like to offer lunch visitors healthy and changing lunch food from different corners of the world, we have teamed up with Dylan lunch restaurants! During the day there's a wide salad buffet, homemade warm dishes, soup and fresh bread - the classic Dylan lunch. During the evenings we focus solely on authentic Italian :)

MON-FRI 10.30-14.00

Lunch buffet 11,30€*
Lunch buffet without app 13,30€

(*With Soupster App & for local workers)

MONDAY 19.12.

Chicken Kiev with chipotle mayo

Quinoa and blackbean patty with chipotle mayo (V,G)

Garlic mashed potato (L,G)

Creamy zucchini pesto pasta (L)

Beetroot and feta soup (K,L,G)


(Pizza buffet!)
Wide selection of pizzas (meaty, white-based and vegetarian)

Mixed sausage hash (L,G)

Chili sin carne (V,G)

Angelina’s lasagne (L)

Traditional Finnish pea soup with smoked ham (M,G)

(vegan version can be asked from kitchen)
Pancakes (L), strawberry jam (V,G) and whipped cream (L,G)

TUESDAY 20.12.

Fried breaded cod with tartare sauce

Oumph! vegetable casserole (V,G)

Parmesan potato wedges (K,L,G)

Quattro formaggi and smoked ham Pasta (VL)

Sausage and potato soup (L,G)

Dessert: Apple cinnamon muffin

FRIDAY 23.12.


Merry Christmas! Hyvää Joulua!


Spiced lamb curry (L,G)

Veg and cabbage spring rolls with sweet chili sauce (V)

Turmeric rice (V,G)

Spicy beef noodles (V,G)

Pumpkin and lemon grass soup (K,L,G)

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